April 15, 2011 12:00pm

After accidentally deleting all of my previous posts *oops*,  I must begin again. I am not going to re-do everything done, rather start again as if I never said what I said before. That being said, my name is Emma and I am in my early 20’s, I started this blog as a way to keep my mind fresh, keep writing and keep journaling. I have never kept a blog, and all of my journals are 1/2 -3/4 full. My last attempt at blogging that I accidentally deleted was fragmented at best, so here I am, making it a personal goal to post something interesting at least every other day.

My boyfriend and I live in a house In Calgary, with our 2 puppy dogs, we have a 1-year-old British lab, named Baxter, and a 9-week-old Froston named Charlie.

I am a rookie gardener, with more on my plate right now then I can chew and I keep making it worse for myself, but I have dreams and ideas and I am excited about growing my own veggies and herbs this year! Calgary is a harsh climate to grow things in, as you can’t really plant anything until mid may.

I like to knit, paint, draw, scrapbook and many other things, many of which I am sure I will talk about. I am also an avid reader, preferring good hard books vs. any electronic gizmo you can use. Call me old-fashioned, which I am, but nothing smells better than a good book with a freshly cracked spine.

Either way, I am shortly off to get ready for date night tonight, every now and then Eric and I make sure that we get out and about without the puppies. Even if it’s something simple like going out for coffee or out with friends, we make sure to get out. Tonight, we are off to see ‘Your Highness’ which I am very excited about. It’s from the creators of Pineapple Express, so you know it has to be good, not to mention, that it has both of the drug dealers from Pineapple Express in it as well. Should be good and I am very excited. I get to get dressed up and actually go somewhere people actually see me lol. I am not overly vain, but it is nice to look good and get some appreciation for the effort we women take for our looks. Plucking our eyebrows, putting on makeup, sleeping with curlers in and having them in all day because my hair doesn’t like to curl for some stupid reason, stupid hair. Not to mention dying our hair to turn it different complementary colours, shaving our legs, painting our nails, manicures, pedicures etc.

Thinking about this I am reminded of a rant by the late George Carlin, where he compares the products women use vs. the products that men use, If I can find a link for it I will post it, but if not, just think about it, it’s a funny rant.

Either way, I am off to pluck my eyebrows, I shall post again later

April 15, 2011 1:29 pm

So, here I sit, Charlie on my lap, my eyebrows are once again neat and trim looking, my hair is curled and full of hairspray, it’s all I can smell right now, at least my hair spray isn’t too toxic smelling, the reddish/copperish/brownish colour I put in my hair last night really came out nicely, I only put it on the bottom layer of my hair, for doing it myself I did a pretty good job. Screw paying huge salon prices, I can’t afford that right now.

It is truly amazing the things you can do in the name of frugality.

For instance, growing all your own veggies. I have been keeping rough track of how much I have spent on the garden, and so my goal, Is to keep track of how much I save using my own produce. Example, every 6 tomatoes I use, how much does 6 on the vine tomatoes cost, and that is a saving, a jar of pasta sauce, that’s a saving, bruschetta, pickles, potatoes, etc, it’s all savings, and extra money in our pocket, because what we don’t have to spend money on, is $ in our pocket.

Not to mention one of my projects is making my own chamomile tea, I love chamomile tea right before bed, just the warm sweet mellow taste of tea with honey, not to mention its medicinal calming properties that are perfect for right before bed.

I have 2 pots of chamomile tea that are growing at an amazing rate; I may have to transplant them fairly quickly here.

There are several things that we will be planting in pots, one of my plans is to take our spare bedroom and make a makeshift little garden with some grow lights in there, and try to have some tomatoes and other things that are best fresh growing all year round. That is my gardening experiment for the winter. Things like herbs, I would like to have fresh mint all year round for example as I am particularly fond of Mojito’s and they are not quite the same without fresh mint.

I am recalling now that that is what originally started my gardening craze, I wanted to have fresh mint for Mojito’s year round. And now look at me; I have 12 tomato plants, 3 pumpkin plants, 9 pea plants and many more. And yes of course, a mint plant.

A whole new world of self-sufficiency has opened up for me and I am thoroughly enjoying it.

Life is full of taking the dogs to the dog park, tending my little garden and right now getting through all of the spring-cleaning. I have just finished a little knitted wind-breaker for Charlie, and my current knitting project is to knit a matching one for Baxter. I am able to get Charlie to wear his, whether or not Baxter will is another matter but I will knit it all the same, perhaps I will manage to get one picture before Baxter goes completely nuts.


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