And with thoughts of perfume…. June 29, 2011

I want to share a blog, that I have mentioned before, called the Willow Finishing Course . Since my mother shared this gem with me, I can honestly say that I have seen a transformation in my “poise” if you will. I don’t always get everything on the list done, but I average about 75% so I can’t complain. Some of the steps are a little bit harder than the others, but the ones that I am getting done every day, have improved the way that I look and the way that I feel about myself on a day-to-day basis. I feel more womanly, more feminine. I have always struggled in a way with my femininity, or more so blending my feminine side with my personality, which those who know me will agree, is one of a kind. When I was younger I definitely had a tomboy-punk look going on, and pink, lace, and frills were the last thing you would find in my closet, and high-heeled shoes… don’t even think about it. I then kind of molded into a sporty-chic look that included sweat pants (nice ones), t-shirts, tank tops, the occasional lightly heeled flip-flop and sneakers. It wasnt until recently, with a combination of discoveries, number one being introduced to the show “what not to wear”. I used to spend my spare $ on tabloid magazines, I now purchase fashion magazines. I like the articles and I like the fact that they have so many pretty things to wear and accessorize with. It was with this discovery, that I started thinking about what I wore, and what I accessorize with. I started buying scarves, and statement jewellery, I love unique necklaces and rings, and I discovered that I can indeed fall in love with bracelets. I have learned, watching “What Not to Wear”. that it is a struggle to find your fashion identity, and that having a nice look doesn’t mean that you are vain or arrogant. I have also learned to use discretion, because there is a very thin line between elegant and eccentric. I normally have a bit of an eccentric look, but I have learned how to piece my eccentric pieces with different styles to look better put together as opposed to a Picasso painting with a million different colors and textures. The willow finishing course, is a guideline for your own daily routine, and doing all of these things will lead to looking better, feeling better and living better. I don’t agree with everything, and like i said, use discretion, for instance she says not to use a foundation, as if your skin is clean and clear you shouldnt need it. However, I live in Calgary, which means that I have to deal with extremely dry conditions which means that I use an oil based moisturizer. I find that it is essential to put a thin layer of powder foundation, to minimize the shiny look my lotion leaves behind. It’s all about what your body needs to make it look and feel good. Follow the rules, pay attention to your body and image, and notice what makes you feel good and what doesn’t. Only if you pay attention to yourself can you actually change your image. Did I mention that I love shoes now?


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