I am so sick of tomatoes !!!

april 21, 2011

Here I sit, surrounded by tomatoes, we just purchased 2 more bags of dirt, and a bunch of 2 ltr. pots, and I am re-planting my tomatoes which are currently in 4 inch tall containers.

One thing I did find out, which was surprising, is that when you transplant your tomatoes and other plants that has very large stems, remove the bottom leaves, and plant the stem into the soil. My foot tall tomato plants have turned into 6-8 inch tall plants. What happens is the stems you put into the soil, grow roots, giving you a stronger root base.

Of course, I am adding bat guano and eggshells to my tomato plants for the added calcium and PH balance and what not. I don’t fully understand how that works, but through trial and error I am learning.

We have a day of sun today, partly cloudy with a chance of precipitation, which in Calgary means snow… hopefully the sun will stay out and my plants will get the benefit of its warm rays.

I am realising that I have a lot of tomatoes, and they take up a lot of space. I am lucky though, I was looking at big “bottom trays” at Garden Retreat, and they were upwards of $15, and I would need 2 of those ones, and the big ones were almost $40, I don’t have $ for that right now, but we just took apart the training cage we were using for Charlie, and I have realised that the bottom tray of it, is big enough for my tomatoes

4 tomatoes down, 12 more to go, I have 4 more, but they are already in bigger pots so until I get my really big pots which will be there final resting place, they can stay where they are. I am hoping that I have enough soil to do them all!

Well, with my wonderful system that I did for re-planting my tomatoes, peas, cucumbers and pumpkins, which isn’t really a system, so much as “how I did it”, but I still have almost an entire bag of soil as well as quite a few pots to work with, which is good as I have chamomile tea and other seedlings that need to be put into pots. My chamomile has taken over the pot, so I am going to turn my 2 pots into 8 pots, and perhaps give a few away depending on if they work.


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