On Life and organization… May 19, 2011

So, I have not kept my promise of blogging every two days, however I am going to attempt it once again. You only fail if you give up in my opinion.

Part of the reason I haven’t been blogging, is that spring-cleaning and all the frustrations of keeping a household clean and tidy, having a little not house-broken puppy running around, and the addition of 2 jobs, one taking care of 2 awesome kids 5 days a week and the other, selling Tupperware.

So needless to say, it has been a very busy month for me. I am discovering, that it is impossible to take a direct sales job, and jump-start your business. It is if you have a whole bunch of friends, who have a whole bunch of disposable income who are willing to over-look our incompetence and nervousness at presenting or trying to sell the product. The rest of us, we need to work at it, because the people we are selling to are not people who are extremely familiar with. The reason it is harder, is because if you don’t know the right thing to say, you know you probably look like an idiot. I hate to say it; I have completely bumbled through my last 2 parties. I am getting better, and believe me, I practice my routines on a daily basis, and I need to right now.

I realise that in order to sell the product, I need to memorize it. Use it, abuse it and know everything there can possibly be to know about that product.

I also have come to realise, that my life, although very satisfactory, is completely and totally un-organized. This goes for everything from my kitchen, to my office, to my bathroom, to the truck to my daily schedule. What with the start of 2 new jobs, with dates to remember, as well as trying to co-ordinate my schedule with Eric’s so that I can arrange getting the truck, I realised, that at the very least I needed a day planner.

My mother, wonderful dearest mother, has always been a fan of day-planners, and has always tried to instil this <strong>“chore” </strong>upon me. Perhaps it is like gardening, and it is something that I have to grow into. Something I have to realise the need or love for and embrace it. I have embraced having a day planner. I got a simple on, $15 at Wal-Mart, but it has what I need.

First off, it did not have the dates already written in. I hate that, because whenever I want to get a planner or something, they always seem to start 2 months later. I prefer the ones I can write the dates in myself.

It has a month at a glance, and a week at a glance, with a FULL day for Sunday. Very important most books only give you a half-day for Saturday and Sunday, which can be 2 of the busiest days.

It also has an address book, which is very important now that I am selling Tupperware and I am collecting names and phone numbers of people who buy from me or are interested in buying from me.

It has a whole bunch of to-do lists, for work, personal, and misc. a note section with extra note pages, a little pouch and card carrier and best of all in the front, it has basically a full wallet, with places for cards and a zippable coin purse. I am now officially set, my life is now all together in one place. And I go nowhere without it.

My plants in my garden are getting huge. Two of my tomato plants are about 3 feet tall already. We really need some good days just to get the backyard completely redone so I can finally put my plants in the ground, but I’m a patient person.

I now only have one pumpkin plant, I had 3, but one died somehow, and the puppies decided to completely demolish the other one today. We had them on the back porch, and they ripped it up root and all and decided to fight over who got to chew it up. Needless to say they each got a good talking to about going after mommy’s plants, and I’m pretty sure they both learned their lesson. So I still have one pumpkin plant and I still have time to start another one or two.

Other than that, not too much has been going on! I’m off to do some work, but I have completed my goal of posting a blog post!


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