One rushed post before bed… April 29, 2011

Alrighty, I haven’t written a blog post for a while, which is much to my dismay as I had wanted to post something more often. So today, being the 2nd day in Eric’s 5-day weekend we spent mostly watching Adam Sandler movies and cleaning up the kitchen. Right now we are watching “Hoodwinked” which is a parody of Little Red Riding Hood, if you can call it that, its loosely based on the story, however it is a very very very cute movie with a lot of great parts, and seeing as |Hoodwinked Too” is available, we wanted to watch it.

Today was very depressing, as we had snow today. We woke up to snow, and it snowed to just a little past lunch and then the sun came out. And of course, this being Calgary, all the snow is gone now and it looks like it never happened. This is what we go through in this city, which is why my pumpkin plants are huge, and I can’t even plant them.

Charlie and Baxter have also taken a liking to my pea plants. I keep going down the hall and they keep sneaking out of the spare room when I walk by, and of course, I haven’t ever checked what they were doing, until of course when I walked in to water my plants and I realised that most of my peas are brown and wilted with no leaves left. <strong>Shakes fist at puppies</strong>…

The royal wedding was this morning, and as much as it would have been wonderful to watch it for sentimental reasons, I mean telling my daughter some day that I saw them get married, I didn’t bother to get up and watch it this morning. I was enjoying the fact that I had a whole night of sleep with no wakeups until 7 am… that is sleeping in in this house. So, I am off to bed soon, and hopefully once again we will be allowed to sleep in tomorrow and will not be woken up at the ungodly hour of any time before 6:45… yes we slept in for 15 minutes… which was actually more for Eric as he is the one who is normally up at the 4am or earlier time. So it’s more of a big deal for Eric to sleep in but I shall try to post again tomorrow!



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