puppies playing… who needs TV? April 23, 2011

Here it is, easter weekend, I don’t have kids, so I don’t hide easter eggs, there is no point hiding them for myself and I believe that Eric would enjoy it entirely too much. Plus there is the fact that I have little Mr. ADD puppy who goes after anything shiny… and shiny chocolates are not a good thing for puppies. Charlie seems to think that he needs to help me when I blog, this means attempting to sleep on the keyboard, pushing my hands away from the keys, putting his paws on the keys, and moving my mouse, and otherwise finding the most uncomfortable places to sleep. He just decided he was thirsty, and it makes me laugh, because whenever Charlie goes up to either his or Baxter’s water dish, he stalks up to it. He gets this stance where he squares himself, and slowly walks towards the dish, moving only 1 foot at a time. And once he gets to the water dish, he takes massive gulps and splashes water everywhere… how nice of him. I love watching Charlie and Baxter play, they bring each other toys and presents all the time, “here Baxter, I brought you this toilet paper roll that is only slightly chewed”. So silly. And they go on sniffing missions together, traipsing about the house sniffing everything and anything, and outside, holy moly I’m surprised those 2 have noses left. We have taken Charlie to the dog park a few more times, and he is a great big suck for attention, he likes to go up to women mostly and stand between their feet and shiver. He does it to men too, and surprisingly there mostly big men who are huge softies at heart. For instance, one guy, who has a great big rottie, got right down to Charlies level, well as close as he could, and was petting him, letting Charlie give him kisses, and just so much of a big teddy bear that I started to laugh. He always has this big biker persona surrounding him it’s a little bit intimidating, especially with a great big rottie, so I was surprised to see such a softy come out. Something Baxter doesn’t like about Charlie, is that Charlie is a bit of a priss. He doesn’t like to get dirty, or wet, or walk on rocks, or cold water, or snow. And he whines when we come across a mud puddle. At first it was kind of cute, now its just a little bit annoying. Baxter gets filthy when we go to the park, and I don’t really mind, as long as he doesn’t go anywhere near the bed. The couches and inside of the trucks ok, because its leather, and can be wiped off, but I don’t like changing my sheets 3 times a week.


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