Right on the ball for June… June 1, 2011

One thing I MUST say, is that the Willow Finishing Course, is awesome. I have not been 100% on keeping up with it, just like this blog, but I am getting better at it. I managed all of them yesterday, and I would totally recommend this blog to everyone! It not only gives very good habits for the health of your body, but also for the health of your mind. 2 of the things that were added over the last 3 days are as simple as adding a dab of perfume and a piece of jewellery. Two simple things, which can make a big difference.

She mentions that having a good quality perfume that you like makes all the difference. I have learned that cheap perfume does smell cheap, so getting something of quality makes you smell like quality. I’d rather smell like quality than smell cheap. But that’s just me.

So, what perfume does Emma like to use? I have 3 actually that I am totally in love with, DKNY Delicious, they are very fruity happy energetic scents that put me in mind of a fruit buffet, the 2nd one I like is Clinique’s “Happy”, another nice up-smelling perfume, and my always handy Roots Spirit. I have used the Roots one for years since I was in high school, and it always reminds me of Briley, mostly because she uses it too.

So, put on a dab of perfume, or a little spritz. You really should only need 1 little dab or spritz. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is in putting on too much perfume. And one thing I want to add, is remember before you put on perfume, to take notes of other scents you might have on, such as deodorant and body creams. If they have a heavy scent, that doesn’t compliment your perfume, no matter how good your perfume smells, the combination could be slightly strange smelling. One thing I would recommend is getting a deodorant that is vanilla smelling. Vanilla is a smell that kind of goes with everything, so having it as an undertone to a fruity perfume; they will actually compliment each other.

Have fun playing! One thing that you can do too, is head to your nearest department store, tell those slightly annoying ladies who want to sell you things that you are trying to find a few perfumes that compliment you and your lifestyle, and get those little samples that the give out! Once you find 2 or 3 that you really really like, invest in the big ones. The reason I say this, is so that you don’t get wrapped up in buying something because of the pretty bottle. If you do like the bottle, make sure you ask for a sample to take home and try, if you really like the scent, then the bottle is worth the price for some of those pricey perfumes!

And watch! One thing that will help you find a perfume is other peoples reactions! Your spouse, co-workers, friends, family etc are going to notice how you smell, and you need to listen to them when they tell you that you smell really good. Trust me, who does not like being praised for something? Well, just imagine being praised on how you smell…. Not something that we all think about all the time, but it is worth thinking about.

And the 2nd one, the adding 1 piece of jewellery to your body, something to compliment what you are wearing, a statement piece, a conversation starter, a splash of colour to enhance your natural beauty. I am going to go so far as to add to this by saying add a colourful scarf! There are many silk scarves that are light and airy and perfect for warm weather, and even a thin knitted pencil scarf in the winter, can be an awesome accessory to add that burst of colour!

One thing that I love is that Jewellery does not have to be expensive. Head to your nearest jewellery store, and buy a nice chain. You pick what kind you get, silver, gold, whatever, and head to your nearest craft store, Michaels, or in Calgary there is also 2 stores called Beads and Plenty More and Beadworks. Go in there, and purchase some nice charms. They have all sorts, glass charms, metal charms, beaded charms, get some beads that you can slide over the clasp of your chain, and go wild picking out nice charms. Even if this is as simple as changing a charm every morning, its something new, exciting and a burst of colour to add to your day!

I have been blogging today, to avoid house cleaning…. So away I go, to clean up our home, and get ready for the up-coming week.

Happy Days all of you!!!


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