Untitled may 29, 2011

Well, I have to at least get 2 blog posts done for the month of May! This whole trying to organize my life is working, although I am thinking that I need to start doing a day-by-day hour-by-hour schedule, so I don’t get backtracked. However I do not think that Eric would appreciate having his entire life scheduled by the hour so instead of trying to organize and schedule my life in an OCD way, or should I say CDO, because they need to be in alphabetical order… just kidding.

I have already said that I am not an organized person; nothing in my life has any sense of order. Our house, our garden, our schedule, my daily routine. Wait a second, what daily routine? I don’t have a daily routine!!! This is something that I have realised that I need. I spend a lot of time organizing, trying to keep things clean, at the same time trying to remember to do little things that should by now be habits. I don’t even brush my hair every day just to give you an insight into what I mean when I say I have no morning routine.

My mother recently shared a blog with me, called the Willow Finishing Course. You can find it <a href=”http://willowfinishingcourse.wordpress.com/&#8221; title=”Willow Finishing Course”>HERE</a>. Basically what she has done is she adds a new “habit” every day. Start with primer one, and work your way up. The first habit, is as simple as putting lip chap on every morning. The second, drink a glass of water every morning.

The one thing that she says we have to remember at all times is….

Good health + Good grooming + Dignity = Polish

With the daily habits in place, habits that increase your health, that improve your grooming and add to your dignity, will create in you a very polished person. I have discovered, that even doing the 7 things on the list so far, actually has made me feel more “accomplished”. Like I have done something worthwhile, for myself and no one else. Taking time to do the little things in life, simple things like putting lotion on your feet every night before bed, can leave you feeling so much better. For instance, use a lotion with mint extracts, you will wake up feeling fresh and rejuvenated, not to mention how good your feet will feel!

Sometimes we forget to stop and smell the roses, and we forget that its not always roses we need to stop and “smell”. Picture your life and your body as a rose, your body is the stem of the rose and your life, your personality is the rose itself. If you stop and smell yourself, what will you sniff? Are there good smells, and bad smells in your life? Are their good and bad habits?

I have a simple equation for dealing with lifes little problems

1: chill out and figure out what the problem is

2: figure out how to fix the problem, find resources to help you.

3: fix the problem

Check out the Willow Primer… you wont be sorry that you did.

<a href=”http://willowfinishingcourse.wordpress.com/&#8221; title=”Willow Finishing Course”>Willow Finishing Course</a>


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