wonderful epiphany… gotta love em! June 12, 2011

Ya know when you have those moments? Where everything just… clicks? When you dread your mothers next phone call because, of course your so excited about this “epiphany”, and your mother will simply say “I told you so”, or “finally”. And to be honest, I don’t think I have actually had my mother on the phone long enough to go completely crazy about my new found “joy”. But, she does find the time to read my blog when she gets the chance and on those rare occasions I have time to sit down and type. Like now for instance. Well, mainly I am ignoring Eric’s night stand mess as I just finished cleaning the entire bedroom + laundry, and I deserve a sit down with a cold coca-cola.

The puppies are whining to go sit on the back porch, but I have put a bunch of blankets and rugs and stuff out to air out, and when I gave them the chance, Charlie and Baxter proceeded to pull the feather duvet off the railing and I was so scared that they would rip it and feathers would be flying that I have banned them from the back porch for the morning. I do have the screen door open, which I’m not sure if that is good or bad, because they can see and smell the outside, they just cant get there, so sad. They are going to get a good 2 hours at the dog park of running and sniffing and playing so they can exercise patience.

We have just spent the last week with my best friends family over, she has an adorable 2 year old that is just something else. She became fast friends with both the pups, who have been looking around for her ever since she left! I think they miss having someone to play with all the time. Especially when mommy cleans all day!

And back to my epiphany. I am, I think I should say, the queen of tangents… So, this week, my kitchen, which with 3 people who cook and hate cleaning, and dishes, is normally disastrous, however, I finally had enough, and with Briley’s help, we got the kitchen 100% clean. I was so pleased with how clean my kitchen was, that I was determined to keep it that way. And it honestly, has not been too hard. I have 3 rules, only 3.

1: there is nothing in the sink at night, unless the dishwasher is full and running. NOTHING !!!

2: my stove must be clean and white and sparkling. No pots and pans on it either.

3: my counters must be clear and clean. Nothing that doesn’t belong.

Its funny, how when you do these 3 things, your sink ends up cleaned as well, and normally when the stove is whipped down, we notice that the fridge could use a little TLC and then when all of the surfaces are clean, we notice that the floor needs to be swept.

Voila! 3 rule instant clean kitchen effect.

So that was my epiphany. And since then I have been on a bit of a mission to keep the rest of the house just as clean. And today I have been doing the bedroom. It is amazing how messy the bedroom can get. Because for the most part, you just sleep in it, and you don’t think about all the other things you do. For instance. Why is my nightstand the messiest all the time? Well, it is because Eric always gives things to me, like the q-tips we needed to clean the pups ears, and the freezy wrappers, and papers, and books, and magazines, tea cups, water bottles and the list goes on and on.

I need to work at keeping it clean, and with the kitchen, I am realising that keeping it clean is as simple as making new habits. It takes a lot of work, and anything worth having is worth working for. So I’m going to stop my bitching, stop my procrastinating and complaining. I’m just going to buckle down and get to it. Because it makes ME feel better.

It is just like laundry.

Before I get started on laundry, Id like to say, that one thing that was really good that came from Briley being here, other than the memories and laughs, was the fact that my “junk room” became my “guest room”. The bed was relieved of its “couch” and the other stuff that had been collecting all winter was taken to the dump, the whole room was re-done, the bed got a blanket, and pillows, I took some of the extra boxes, stacked them and covered them with some cloth that I had and made night stands, and I just replaced my desk in the bedroom with a proper one, so that one that I have had for years and years and years is now in that bedroom, and I covered that with a nice cloth, and I put up an extra mirror that I had, and put some decorations, and a painted pot with rolled up face cloths and some shampoo and lotion that I stole from the hotel we stayed at on our trip to the dinosaur capital of the world. I made my guest room into a regular hotel room. I was so proud to usher my friend and her family and say welcome home for the next week!

So I am determined that that room is going to stay like that, my guest room. But what to do with it while no guests are here? I have decided, that when void of friends, the room shall be my laundry room.

So on to the laundry. I don know how we get so much, and for some reason, I always seem to have a backlog of laundry. And it ALWAYS ends up in my bedroom. Well now that that is clean, and has no laundry in it, I of course want to keep it that way. So my spare room becomes laundry room. I can keep my 3 baskets in there, one for whites, darks and towels. When we have laundry, it’s a skip across the hall into the bedroom to put them into the proper basket. When I have clean laundry, I can put it on the bed until I have time to fold it, and therefore I am not tying up any of my laundry baskets, and creating a laundry “pile” instead.

So now, I am going to invest in one of those portable laundry hangers, as pretty much all of my clothes get hung up, as well as Eric’s work shirts and all his sweaters. This way I am making it easy on me, as I can hang up my clothes on the portable rack and then wheel it to whichever closet the clothes are going in. and really, I think my plan is genious.

It is all about creating order and methods to maintain that order. I have been going through, room-by-room, cleaning and organizing so that the next time I clean it is easier. Which will mean that my house, my hobbies, and my work will be convenient, organized and accessible.

And what I am discovering, about having your life maintained like this, is that it truly makes me a happier person. I feel better about myself, my home, my life, and my image, which is also being improved by the Willow Finishing Course.

Like everything, I have not been consistent, considering that I came on for day 3 and it is now day 23 or something. But Eric and I have decided, that we are going to do it together. Ok, so technically it is written for women, but it is so simple to transfer it over to men. Even men need to keep their lips nice and supple, nothing like doing it yourself and kissing rough lips. Everyone can benefit from the willow course, and even though I haven’t been following it completely, I have been making huge progress in the little things, I am focussing on my posture, and keeping my nails clean, I put on perfume and I am wearing jewellery, I am brushing my teeth, drinking my water and I normally remember to put on chap stick. So far all in all, I do most things, what I suck at is sitting down at the end of the day and tallying up my accomplishments. So with Eric and I doing this together, starting tomorrow, being Monday, I think I will be better at that. It always helps when you work with someone else, to keep you accountable, to celebrate with and to have someone to pull you up when you need it. And who better than the man who has to fight for his share of the bed from the puppies as well as me. Its true, the dog rules the roost. Just don’t tell our Alpha dog that.


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