I haven’t written a blog post, in a very long time. And today, I was reading my Mother’s blog, she is a good blogger, she posts regularly. And thus, I was inspired to write my own blog post.
Things have been really flying into high-speed for me over the past few weeks, I started working with the Kidlettes again (the two kids I take care of a few days a week), its crazy how much I missed them. I have been trying to quit smoking, after 2 days of cold turkey I was going insane, and realised that I couldn’t quit that way without hurting someone, but I have managed to reduce my smoking by over 50% which is a huge accomplishment.
Part of my quitting smoking, involved checking out http://www.albertaquits.ca which is a quitting smoking support site. They have a lot of really good resources available for smokers to gain a bit of an understanding of their addiction and how far it goes. For instance, I learned that I am not very physically dependent on cigarettes, it’s a psychological thing for me, and after 2 days of cold turkey, I realised that I needed to concentrate on “why” I smoke, “when I smoke” etc. For instance, I like smoking in the car, while I’m reading a book, while im on the phone, etc.
So what I have been doing lately, is eliminating smoking from those times. I am using reading as an excuse not to smoke. I stopped at chapters, and I picked up the book “The Help” by Kathryn Stockett. I haven’t gotten that far into it yet, but 10 pages in, the book had made me laugh, made me think, and made me relate. Which in my mind, is a good book. As I read more I will try to post more of my thoughts about it, but I need to finish the book before I see the movie… For some reason the book “Eat Pray Love” isn’t making it onto my reading list for the next few months…
Whats on my list? “The Help”, “Shantaram” by Gregory David Roberts, “The Naked Millionaire” by Maxine Hyndman, and “The Dove Keepers” By Alice Hoffman. That keep me busy for a while.
Also, I have been drawing. I don’t like drawing, and my style tends to be very un-realistic, which doesn’t really work too great when you want to draw something that is “real”… I never really like what I come out with, but if I have a rough outline, that I can tweak and fine tune, and then add the color too it, I love it. It has been an excercise in patience, also not one of my strengths.
I picked up an Alice of Wonderland coloring book at chapters for $5, its got poster sized pages, the whole story with color illustrations, and full-sized coloring pages. I am currently working on the picture where Alice meets the Caterpillar. I have gotten Alice done, the flowers behind her, the Caterpillar (he took FOREVER to get the final shading done), the two small mushrooms (im dreading the big one, its next) and of course, the first thing to be done, was the Caterpillars infamous Hookah…
I am attempting to do it with the same coloring as the original drawing, the difference is that I am doing mine in pencil crayon, and the originals are water-color (just beautiful). It looks a lot different, while at the same time being the same. The process of doing the shading and the coloring has been fun and exciting and I cant wait to see it finished !
That’s all the typing I am willing to do right now, I will honestly try to do my best at blogging more often.
You can check out my Mom’s blog at http://shortshoestring.wordpress.com/
Have a great day !


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