Right on the ball for June… June 1, 2011

One thing I MUST say, is that the Willow Finishing Course, is awesome. I have not been 100% on keeping up with it, just like this blog, but I am getting better at it. I managed all of them yesterday, and I would totally recommend this blog to everyone! It not only gives very good habits for the health of your body, but also for the health of your mind. 2 of the things that were added over the last 3 days are as simple as adding a dab of perfume and a piece of jewellery. Two simple things, which can make a big difference.

She mentions that having a good quality perfume that you like makes all the difference. I have learned that cheap perfume does smell cheap, so getting something of quality makes you smell like quality. I’d rather smell like quality than smell cheap. But that’s just me.

So, what perfume does Emma like to use? I have 3 actually that I am totally in love with, DKNY Delicious, they are very fruity happy energetic scents that put me in mind of a fruit buffet, the 2nd one I like is Clinique’s “Happy”, another nice up-smelling perfume, and my always handy Roots Spirit. I have used the Roots one for years since I was in high school, and it always reminds me of Briley, mostly because she uses it too.

So, put on a dab of perfume, or a little spritz. You really should only need 1 little dab or spritz. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is in putting on too much perfume. And one thing I want to add, is remember before you put on perfume, to take notes of other scents you might have on, such as deodorant and body creams. If they have a heavy scent, that doesn’t compliment your perfume, no matter how good your perfume smells, the combination could be slightly strange smelling. One thing I would recommend is getting a deodorant that is vanilla smelling. Vanilla is a smell that kind of goes with everything, so having it as an undertone to a fruity perfume; they will actually compliment each other.

Have fun playing! One thing that you can do too, is head to your nearest department store, tell those slightly annoying ladies who want to sell you things that you are trying to find a few perfumes that compliment you and your lifestyle, and get those little samples that the give out! Once you find 2 or 3 that you really really like, invest in the big ones. The reason I say this, is so that you don’t get wrapped up in buying something because of the pretty bottle. If you do like the bottle, make sure you ask for a sample to take home and try, if you really like the scent, then the bottle is worth the price for some of those pricey perfumes!

And watch! One thing that will help you find a perfume is other peoples reactions! Your spouse, co-workers, friends, family etc are going to notice how you smell, and you need to listen to them when they tell you that you smell really good. Trust me, who does not like being praised for something? Well, just imagine being praised on how you smell…. Not something that we all think about all the time, but it is worth thinking about.

And the 2nd one, the adding 1 piece of jewellery to your body, something to compliment what you are wearing, a statement piece, a conversation starter, a splash of colour to enhance your natural beauty. I am going to go so far as to add to this by saying add a colourful scarf! There are many silk scarves that are light and airy and perfect for warm weather, and even a thin knitted pencil scarf in the winter, can be an awesome accessory to add that burst of colour!

One thing that I love is that Jewellery does not have to be expensive. Head to your nearest jewellery store, and buy a nice chain. You pick what kind you get, silver, gold, whatever, and head to your nearest craft store, Michaels, or in Calgary there is also 2 stores called Beads and Plenty More and Beadworks. Go in there, and purchase some nice charms. They have all sorts, glass charms, metal charms, beaded charms, get some beads that you can slide over the clasp of your chain, and go wild picking out nice charms. Even if this is as simple as changing a charm every morning, its something new, exciting and a burst of colour to add to your day!

I have been blogging today, to avoid house cleaning…. So away I go, to clean up our home, and get ready for the up-coming week.

Happy Days all of you!!!


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Untitled may 29, 2011

Well, I have to at least get 2 blog posts done for the month of May! This whole trying to organize my life is working, although I am thinking that I need to start doing a day-by-day hour-by-hour schedule, so I don’t get backtracked. However I do not think that Eric would appreciate having his entire life scheduled by the hour so instead of trying to organize and schedule my life in an OCD way, or should I say CDO, because they need to be in alphabetical order… just kidding.

I have already said that I am not an organized person; nothing in my life has any sense of order. Our house, our garden, our schedule, my daily routine. Wait a second, what daily routine? I don’t have a daily routine!!! This is something that I have realised that I need. I spend a lot of time organizing, trying to keep things clean, at the same time trying to remember to do little things that should by now be habits. I don’t even brush my hair every day just to give you an insight into what I mean when I say I have no morning routine.

My mother recently shared a blog with me, called the Willow Finishing Course. You can find it <a href=”http://willowfinishingcourse.wordpress.com/&#8221; title=”Willow Finishing Course”>HERE</a>. Basically what she has done is she adds a new “habit” every day. Start with primer one, and work your way up. The first habit, is as simple as putting lip chap on every morning. The second, drink a glass of water every morning.

The one thing that she says we have to remember at all times is….

Good health + Good grooming + Dignity = Polish

With the daily habits in place, habits that increase your health, that improve your grooming and add to your dignity, will create in you a very polished person. I have discovered, that even doing the 7 things on the list so far, actually has made me feel more “accomplished”. Like I have done something worthwhile, for myself and no one else. Taking time to do the little things in life, simple things like putting lotion on your feet every night before bed, can leave you feeling so much better. For instance, use a lotion with mint extracts, you will wake up feeling fresh and rejuvenated, not to mention how good your feet will feel!

Sometimes we forget to stop and smell the roses, and we forget that its not always roses we need to stop and “smell”. Picture your life and your body as a rose, your body is the stem of the rose and your life, your personality is the rose itself. If you stop and smell yourself, what will you sniff? Are there good smells, and bad smells in your life? Are their good and bad habits?

I have a simple equation for dealing with lifes little problems

1: chill out and figure out what the problem is

2: figure out how to fix the problem, find resources to help you.

3: fix the problem

Check out the Willow Primer… you wont be sorry that you did.

<a href=”http://willowfinishingcourse.wordpress.com/&#8221; title=”Willow Finishing Course”>Willow Finishing Course</a>

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On Life and organization… May 19, 2011

So, I have not kept my promise of blogging every two days, however I am going to attempt it once again. You only fail if you give up in my opinion.

Part of the reason I haven’t been blogging, is that spring-cleaning and all the frustrations of keeping a household clean and tidy, having a little not house-broken puppy running around, and the addition of 2 jobs, one taking care of 2 awesome kids 5 days a week and the other, selling Tupperware.

So needless to say, it has been a very busy month for me. I am discovering, that it is impossible to take a direct sales job, and jump-start your business. It is if you have a whole bunch of friends, who have a whole bunch of disposable income who are willing to over-look our incompetence and nervousness at presenting or trying to sell the product. The rest of us, we need to work at it, because the people we are selling to are not people who are extremely familiar with. The reason it is harder, is because if you don’t know the right thing to say, you know you probably look like an idiot. I hate to say it; I have completely bumbled through my last 2 parties. I am getting better, and believe me, I practice my routines on a daily basis, and I need to right now.

I realise that in order to sell the product, I need to memorize it. Use it, abuse it and know everything there can possibly be to know about that product.

I also have come to realise, that my life, although very satisfactory, is completely and totally un-organized. This goes for everything from my kitchen, to my office, to my bathroom, to the truck to my daily schedule. What with the start of 2 new jobs, with dates to remember, as well as trying to co-ordinate my schedule with Eric’s so that I can arrange getting the truck, I realised, that at the very least I needed a day planner.

My mother, wonderful dearest mother, has always been a fan of day-planners, and has always tried to instil this <strong>“chore” </strong>upon me. Perhaps it is like gardening, and it is something that I have to grow into. Something I have to realise the need or love for and embrace it. I have embraced having a day planner. I got a simple on, $15 at Wal-Mart, but it has what I need.

First off, it did not have the dates already written in. I hate that, because whenever I want to get a planner or something, they always seem to start 2 months later. I prefer the ones I can write the dates in myself.

It has a month at a glance, and a week at a glance, with a FULL day for Sunday. Very important most books only give you a half-day for Saturday and Sunday, which can be 2 of the busiest days.

It also has an address book, which is very important now that I am selling Tupperware and I am collecting names and phone numbers of people who buy from me or are interested in buying from me.

It has a whole bunch of to-do lists, for work, personal, and misc. a note section with extra note pages, a little pouch and card carrier and best of all in the front, it has basically a full wallet, with places for cards and a zippable coin purse. I am now officially set, my life is now all together in one place. And I go nowhere without it.

My plants in my garden are getting huge. Two of my tomato plants are about 3 feet tall already. We really need some good days just to get the backyard completely redone so I can finally put my plants in the ground, but I’m a patient person.

I now only have one pumpkin plant, I had 3, but one died somehow, and the puppies decided to completely demolish the other one today. We had them on the back porch, and they ripped it up root and all and decided to fight over who got to chew it up. Needless to say they each got a good talking to about going after mommy’s plants, and I’m pretty sure they both learned their lesson. So I still have one pumpkin plant and I still have time to start another one or two.

Other than that, not too much has been going on! I’m off to do some work, but I have completed my goal of posting a blog post!

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One rushed post before bed… April 29, 2011

Alrighty, I haven’t written a blog post for a while, which is much to my dismay as I had wanted to post something more often. So today, being the 2nd day in Eric’s 5-day weekend we spent mostly watching Adam Sandler movies and cleaning up the kitchen. Right now we are watching “Hoodwinked” which is a parody of Little Red Riding Hood, if you can call it that, its loosely based on the story, however it is a very very very cute movie with a lot of great parts, and seeing as |Hoodwinked Too” is available, we wanted to watch it.

Today was very depressing, as we had snow today. We woke up to snow, and it snowed to just a little past lunch and then the sun came out. And of course, this being Calgary, all the snow is gone now and it looks like it never happened. This is what we go through in this city, which is why my pumpkin plants are huge, and I can’t even plant them.

Charlie and Baxter have also taken a liking to my pea plants. I keep going down the hall and they keep sneaking out of the spare room when I walk by, and of course, I haven’t ever checked what they were doing, until of course when I walked in to water my plants and I realised that most of my peas are brown and wilted with no leaves left. <strong>Shakes fist at puppies</strong>…

The royal wedding was this morning, and as much as it would have been wonderful to watch it for sentimental reasons, I mean telling my daughter some day that I saw them get married, I didn’t bother to get up and watch it this morning. I was enjoying the fact that I had a whole night of sleep with no wakeups until 7 am… that is sleeping in in this house. So, I am off to bed soon, and hopefully once again we will be allowed to sleep in tomorrow and will not be woken up at the ungodly hour of any time before 6:45… yes we slept in for 15 minutes… which was actually more for Eric as he is the one who is normally up at the 4am or earlier time. So it’s more of a big deal for Eric to sleep in but I shall try to post again tomorrow!


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puppies playing… who needs TV? April 23, 2011

Here it is, easter weekend, I don’t have kids, so I don’t hide easter eggs, there is no point hiding them for myself and I believe that Eric would enjoy it entirely too much. Plus there is the fact that I have little Mr. ADD puppy who goes after anything shiny… and shiny chocolates are not a good thing for puppies. Charlie seems to think that he needs to help me when I blog, this means attempting to sleep on the keyboard, pushing my hands away from the keys, putting his paws on the keys, and moving my mouse, and otherwise finding the most uncomfortable places to sleep. He just decided he was thirsty, and it makes me laugh, because whenever Charlie goes up to either his or Baxter’s water dish, he stalks up to it. He gets this stance where he squares himself, and slowly walks towards the dish, moving only 1 foot at a time. And once he gets to the water dish, he takes massive gulps and splashes water everywhere… how nice of him. I love watching Charlie and Baxter play, they bring each other toys and presents all the time, “here Baxter, I brought you this toilet paper roll that is only slightly chewed”. So silly. And they go on sniffing missions together, traipsing about the house sniffing everything and anything, and outside, holy moly I’m surprised those 2 have noses left. We have taken Charlie to the dog park a few more times, and he is a great big suck for attention, he likes to go up to women mostly and stand between their feet and shiver. He does it to men too, and surprisingly there mostly big men who are huge softies at heart. For instance, one guy, who has a great big rottie, got right down to Charlies level, well as close as he could, and was petting him, letting Charlie give him kisses, and just so much of a big teddy bear that I started to laugh. He always has this big biker persona surrounding him it’s a little bit intimidating, especially with a great big rottie, so I was surprised to see such a softy come out. Something Baxter doesn’t like about Charlie, is that Charlie is a bit of a priss. He doesn’t like to get dirty, or wet, or walk on rocks, or cold water, or snow. And he whines when we come across a mud puddle. At first it was kind of cute, now its just a little bit annoying. Baxter gets filthy when we go to the park, and I don’t really mind, as long as he doesn’t go anywhere near the bed. The couches and inside of the trucks ok, because its leather, and can be wiped off, but I don’t like changing my sheets 3 times a week.

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I am so sick of tomatoes !!!

april 21, 2011

Here I sit, surrounded by tomatoes, we just purchased 2 more bags of dirt, and a bunch of 2 ltr. pots, and I am re-planting my tomatoes which are currently in 4 inch tall containers.

One thing I did find out, which was surprising, is that when you transplant your tomatoes and other plants that has very large stems, remove the bottom leaves, and plant the stem into the soil. My foot tall tomato plants have turned into 6-8 inch tall plants. What happens is the stems you put into the soil, grow roots, giving you a stronger root base.

Of course, I am adding bat guano and eggshells to my tomato plants for the added calcium and PH balance and what not. I don’t fully understand how that works, but through trial and error I am learning.

We have a day of sun today, partly cloudy with a chance of precipitation, which in Calgary means snow… hopefully the sun will stay out and my plants will get the benefit of its warm rays.

I am realising that I have a lot of tomatoes, and they take up a lot of space. I am lucky though, I was looking at big “bottom trays” at Garden Retreat, and they were upwards of $15, and I would need 2 of those ones, and the big ones were almost $40, I don’t have $ for that right now, but we just took apart the training cage we were using for Charlie, and I have realised that the bottom tray of it, is big enough for my tomatoes

4 tomatoes down, 12 more to go, I have 4 more, but they are already in bigger pots so until I get my really big pots which will be there final resting place, they can stay where they are. I am hoping that I have enough soil to do them all!

Well, with my wonderful system that I did for re-planting my tomatoes, peas, cucumbers and pumpkins, which isn’t really a system, so much as “how I did it”, but I still have almost an entire bag of soil as well as quite a few pots to work with, which is good as I have chamomile tea and other seedlings that need to be put into pots. My chamomile has taken over the pot, so I am going to turn my 2 pots into 8 pots, and perhaps give a few away depending on if they work.

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This thing called damprot sucks

So, I have discovered there is such a thing as damp-rot. And it loves to kill your plants. And I hate it. However, there is a simple way to get rid of it if you catch it in time. If your plants start getting a little bit brown, and looking a little bit weak, what you do is you make a cup of tea. Yes, a cup of chamomile tea. 1-cup water, 1 teabag. Boil water mix with teabag and let it steep for about an hour. Mix with 1 more cup of water, and use the mixture to spray the surface of your plants and soil. The tea kills the damp-rot, and has saved a few of my little plants. It is all trial and error, and I am learning day by day.

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